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“What Sorts Of People & Businesses Use Affordable Container Homes Australia”

Here at Affordable Container Homes Australia we serve a huge variety of customers who come to us from all different walks of life.

And it’s really no surprise, not only because our range of container homes serve many purposes, but because we’re one of very few container home suppliers left who are still a real business.

Having said that, here are just a few of the businesses and people that use Affordable Container Homes Australia.

  • Holiday parks and resorts – Holiday parks and resorts absolutely love our range of container homes. But why? Well, some love that all our container homes are Australian approved, and others love our 7-year warranties, which give them comfort that our container homes are top quality. But all of them love our direct prices, which help them keep more cash in their pocket and multiplies their return on investment.

  • Work force – Our container homes aren’t just used for holiday accommodation, countless organisations and businesses use our container homes as a great solution for temporary offices for their staff and clients when travelling, or for similar reasons.

    A big reason why they love our container homes is because it not only gets the job done, but also skips the complicated process of dealing with builders and construction companies for offices that are only temporary anyway.

  • Investors – Then on the other side of the fence, there’s an abundance of investors that love our range of container homes. Why? Because they love that our container homes are a low cost investment, but a great cash earner whether they decide to rent them out, or sell them retail due to the growing demand for affordable living situations across Australia.

  • Cattle stations and farms – Yep, cattle stations and farms are another group that make up a sizable percentage of our customer base. Some love our wide range, which gives them plenty to choose from and allows them to choose different container homes for multiple uses.

    And others love our expert advice and service, which is built on 20+ years in project management of up to $100 million. Whatever the case, many cattle stations love Affordable Container Homes Australia, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon.

  • Baby boomers and retirees looking to downsize – Nowadays, living out your golden years in a large house is becoming less and less practical. Not only because it’s less attainable, but it’s also a lot of extra work with mowing lawns, house work, and just all the other things you need to do to keep the value of your home.

These factors and more have pushed more baby boomers and retirees into wanting to downsize their homes without sacrificing their lifestyle and budget, which is why they love Affordable Container Homes Australia.

Of course, this is only a select few of the people and businesses, and others include:

  • Rural / shooters properties

  • Mines / accommodation

  • Schools

  • Business owners

  • Cafés

  • Health spas

  • Young couples

  • And much more!

That’s why we think it’s important you take a look at this:

At Affordable Container Homes we’ve learned a lot about what our private and commercial customers want over the years.

Along the way, we’ve uncovered dozens of really helpful tips about what to look for and avoid before buying portable container homes for business or pleasure and have put all that information into a FREE Price & Product Guide that you can get instant access to now.

You can also get the opportunity to have our container home information package posted out to you to discover our tips on what you need to consider before paying for container homes or site offices for business or pleasure.

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