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“Some Of The Affordable Container Homes Benefits.”

It’s a simple fact. Higher quality container homes, site offices and granny flats mean higher quality, longer use, better warranties and more benefits than others you’ll find on the market.

And when it comes to container home benefits, you cannot go past Affordable Container Homes in New South Wales.

The benefits you’ll receive with our service and expandable container homes are many, and include:

  1. More Space, more income & more cash in your pocket buying direct

You can create more affordable living space on your property to generate extra income without the time & money expenses that comes with renovating, moving or building a new house.

Plus, with Affordable Container Homes Australia you’re buying your expandable home direct, so our buy direct prices and savings are quite considerable when you compare them to the retail equivalent.

  1. 7-year warranty for container + 1-year warranties for Accessories

Everyone usually says they have the best quality, but not many stand behind it. Affordable Container Homes Australia do, and to prove it you receive a container home that includes a 7-year warranty on your container + a 1-year warranty on all the accessories.

  1. Low cost and high return on investment expandable homes

Our 20, 30ft, one, two and custom sized bedroom expandable container homes are much the same price as a new car, but will deliver a far better return on your investment. Whether you live in it, rent it out, or use it as holiday retreat or site office, there’s no downside with one of our container homes.

  1. Private and commercial container home specialists

Affordable Container Homes Australia are specialists in supplying expandable homes to people from all walks of life and businesses in all types of industries. It’s everything we do and all we do, which is why it is done with precision and professionalism.

  1. Australian approved container homes

The last thing you want when you buy one or 150 site offices, container homes or granny flats is that they are not Australian approved or certified. All our expandable homes and site offices have SAA electrical certifications, have Australian standard double glazed windows, watermarks on all plumbing, and non-asbestos certification.

  1. Quick set up step-by-step DIY instructional video and no minimum order required

Our container homes can be set up in about two hours with no special skills required. On top of that you receive a step-by-step expandable home set up video, and to get the best price for your container home you don’t have to buy a minimum number of them.

You can buy one portable container home for private or business use, or you can purchase 200 different ones. In any case, there is no minimum order required and you still receive the best quality and cost.

  1. Extensive knowledge of the building industry, local council requirements and customisation according to your requirements.

With decades of experience in project management of up to $100 million, being involved in landscape construction, and having used container homes as portable container homes, site offices, toilet blocks and for storage on countless building sites, we have insight and knowledge other container homes providers do not.

We see a lot of people and businesses spending too much money on the wrong type of portable container homes, site offices and granny flats for their needs or purpose.

Our extensive knowledge of container homes, council regulations and customising your container home with the fittings and accessories you want is unsurpassed.

Further benefits you’re guaranteed to receive from Affordable Container Homes Australia are:

  • Less stress without dealing with multiple trades and overpriced building construction materials and labour costs.

  • Advice on owner builder option/or licence builders.

  • If you do not see the size you are looking for, we can source the particular container homes you need.

  • We can organise transport and door to door delivery of one or 200 container homes to anywhere in Australia.

This is why Affordable Container Homes exists and some of the benefits many different people and businesses experience with us.

Plus, there is another very specific reason they benefit.

At Affordable Container Homes we’ve learned a lot about what our private and commercial customers want over the years.

Along the way, we’ve uncovered dozens of really helpful tips about what to look for and avoid before buying portable container homes for business or pleasure and have put all that information into a FREE Price & Product Guide that you can get instant access to now.

You can also get the opportunity to have our container home information package posted out to you to discover our tips on what you need to consider before paying for container homes or site offices for business or pleasure.

Please complete the form on this page to get instant access to our container home prices, models and options and the opportunity to have the Affordable Container Homes information pack posted out to you.