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“About Affordable Container Homes”

Hello, I’m Peter Biddulph, the founder of Affordable Container Homes Australia.

I want to share with you some personal details of my life… for a very specific reason.

I think this will be of great benefit to you as you try to decide on whether or not a portable container home or site office is right for you.

Okay, for over 20 years I owned and operated my own bricklaying business. From there I was in project managing at various big jobs and projects worth up to $100 million, which was both exciting and daunting at times.

I’ve also been involved in landscape construction, have a Certificate IV in building and construction, have constructed my own granny flat, and over the years bought, renovated & sold 4 properties.

I’ve also used container homes as portable homes, site offices, toilet blocks and for storage on countless building sites I have provided building and project management services to over the years.

I see a lot of people and businesses are spending too much money on the wrong type of portable container homes, site offices and granny flats for their needs or purpose.

Instead of focusing on what they want and what they want it for, they waste time, energy and money tinkering around, trying to get a 30ft expandable container home for the price of campervan. It does not work like that.

And with so many portable container home providers available, we are also finding that many people and larger companies in hospitality and mining, just as an example, are getting lost about which supplier and what features they do need in their expandable container homes for themselves, their staff or guest accommodation.

Affordable Container Homes Australia is also here to help…

  • Everyday Aussies create more affordable living space on their property to generate extra income without the time & money expenses that comes with building another house.

  • Provide affordable housing options to people looking for a more practical and affordable way to get started in the housing market with less stress and without dealing with multiple trades and overpriced building construction materials and labour costs.

  • And help baby boomers and retirees downsize their home easily without sacrificing their lifestyle or budget.

This is why Affordable Container Homes exists and some of the problems we solve for many different people and businesses.

Plus, there is another very specific reason I’m sharing this with you.

At Affordable Container Homes we’ve learned a lot about what our private and commercial customers want over the years.

Along the way, we’ve uncovered dozens of really helpful tips about what to look for and avoid before buying portable container homes for business or pleasure and have put all that information into a FREE Price & Product Guide that you can get instant access to now.

You can also get the opportunity to have our container home information package posted out to you to discover our tips on what you need to consider before paying for container homes or site offices for business or pleasure.

Please complete the form on this page to get instant access to our container home prices, models and options and the opportunity to have the Affordable Container Homes information pack posted out to you.