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“Create Living Space On Your Property Or Generate Extra Income Without The Time & Money Expenses Of Building.”

Instant Living Solutions For Business Or Pleasure

Want to get into your first home or create more space or income for business or pleasure without the stress and costs of renovating, building or moving?

Affordable Container Homes Australia has the solution.

After all, a key part of home ownership whether you live in a container home, granny flat, or traditional home is the living part.

Home ownership is about more than just cost and finance. It’s about enjoying where you live, the home you live in and living a happy, healthy, fulfilled lifestyle on your terms.

What’s even better is, Australians of all ages are making a radical shift right now in how they look at and buy homes, or that is what’s happening at Affordable Container Homes in New South Wales.

But this is no real surprise…

Without getting into the politics of it, the majority of younger people are coming to grips that they may never be able to buy a traditional home like their parents may have. That is why we’re seeing an increase in younger people buying our container homes and putting them on their parents’ properties.

Then we have the baby boomers and retirees. A lot of them are downsizing and putting their lifestyle and happiness first instead of spending their time and money maintaining their larger size home.

And most are downsizing into smaller homes such as container homes and granny flats from us here at Affordable Container Homes Australia that they can locate on smaller parcels of land that they or their children own or rent.

Even Australian businesses in hospitality, agriculture, construction, education and similar services are getting in on the container home and temporary office act!

From holiday parks to cattle stations, to health retreats, to mining, schools and construction sites… These are just some of the businesses seeking to increase their accommodation or the working space they have cost effectively and profitably with our container homes.

That’s why we think it’s important you take a look at this:

At Affordable Container Homes we’ve learned a lot about what our private and commercial customers want over the years.

Along the way, we’ve uncovered dozens of really helpful tips about what to look for and avoid before buying portable container homes for business or pleasure and have put all that information into a FREE Price & Product Guide that you can get instant access to now.

You can also get the opportunity to have our container home information package posted out to you to discover our tips on what you need to consider before paying for container homes or site offices for business or pleasure.

Please complete the form on this page to get instant access to our container home prices, models and options and the opportunity to have the Affordable Container Homes information pack posted out to you.


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